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Ashford Fringe is a multi-arts festival in Southeast England and a completely open-access platform for events. Whether you’re an artist, performer, promoter, venue manager, producer or a business, there are several ways you can benefit from taking part.

Welcome to the Participants’ Area! You should find answers to any questions you have about taking part in Ashford Fringe in the A-Z menu. If you are thinking about taking part in Ashford Fringe for the first time, you might find ‘Take Part – the basics’ a good place to start. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please call the Participant Services team on 01233 637 309 or email goodtimes[at] ashfordartscentre.com

Arts Industry Professionals are invited to attend Ashford Fringe, in the hope the careers of some of our participants might find help reaching new audiences.

The Arts Industry Professionals who are invited include:

Freelance Producers and Directors
Local Authority Arts Officers
Rural Touring Networks
Event Organisers
Touring Companies


Accreditation is open to anyone working in the arts. Accreditation is free, and only takes a few minutes to complete through an online form.

We will be open for applications from the first week of March 2017.


Once accredited, Arts Industry Professionals have access to our full range of services:

• Arts Industry Only Updates

• Suggested events (based on application form responses)

• Invitations to bespoke events and networking opportunities

• Complimentary ticketing service – subject to availability

• Arts Industry Professional Pack – available on arrival in Ashford, the pack contains useful information including an exclusive delegates handbook, details of SHOWCASE performances, Industry Only events and networking opportunities.


• Ensure you’ve agreed to allow us to offer complimentary tickets for your event to Arts Industry Professionals in your registration form.

• Make a note of anyone in the Arts Industry Contact List that you would like to see your show.

• Research anyone on the list that you’ve never heard of before.

• To avoid wasting time, make sure your work matches their interests.

• Invite arts industry people yourself! Email them, they will be interested in hearing from you!

Contact Ashford Fringe Arts Industry Office:

E: artsindustry [at] ashfordfringefestival.com

T: 01233 637 309

Want to run an event in your venue during fringe week or have space for touring shows? Please call us at 01233 637 309 or email artsindustry (at) ashfordfringefestival.com for answers to any questions you have about taking part in Ashford Fringe in the A-Z menu below


  • Add My (FREE)Venue
  • Advertise My Event
  • Advertise My Space For Rent



  • Buy Tickets
  • Sell Tickets

Get In Touch To Perform At AFF2017! Details below…

Want to perform during fringe week?

Contact us at Goodtimes@AshfordFringeFestival.com

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If you’re travelling to Ashford for FringeWeek, please visit the official website for visitors to Ashford which is run by the local council. You can find extensive information there. Alternatively, you might want to visit our travel page  to quickly download bus routes, and to find Ashford International information. We hope you have you have a fantastic week of Fringe in Ashford!

Call the office at 01233 637 309 or send an email to goodtimes (at) ashfordfringefestival.com

Call our office at 01233 637 309 or send an email to rmerrick (at) katfm.org.uk for rate sheet.


Contact us at goodtimes (at) ashfordfringefestival.com


Tickets available online and at Ashford Arts Centre from February 2017

Contact rmerrick (at) katfm.org.uk for details on listing and selling tickets to your show.


Contact artsindustry (at) ashfordfringefestival.com for a rate sheet to list your venue for rent to participants.  Free venues are free of charge.